Saturday, July 6, 2013

April and May

April and May have come and gone and Liam continues to learn, love and play. His new favorite playtime activities are riding his bike (in which he likes to drag his feet and ruin his shoes), play hide-n-seek with Molly and Luna, and anything having to do with water. Liam is also counting up to four on a regular basis without any help. He loves to count the steps he takes or the stairs he climbs. He even counts his toys! He is also saying part do his alphabet in order..a,b,c,d and sometimes he gets e in there! Liam has also begun to sing his night-time songs to us and his stuffed animals. His favorite is " Twinkle Twinkle." Liam has also gotten really good at saying his prayers and daily prays for his family members. It is pretty darn adorable! And who doesn't feel better after being blessed by a baby?

I'm Baaaaack!

Time flies when an infant becomes a toddler, I switch from teaching first grade to kindergarten and all that life has to bring takes over! My goal this summer is to get back on track and begin updating the blog on a more regular basis once again!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Visiting Great Falls

Right after school got out, Liam and I went with my family to visit his great-grandparents in Great Falls. We didn't tell them we were coming and boy, were they surprised! While we were there, we visited my dad's old stomping grounds in Fort Benton where Liam played in the rain and watched as the Mississippi River ran quickly through the town.  We all enjoyed our time there. I just wish we lived closer so Liam could really get to know his Montana family.

On the way back to Spokane, Liam had one of the best tantrums thus far in the $50,000 Silver Dollar Bar. We cleared that place out with his screaming and my ignoring his poor behaviors. It was quite the experience!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spring has come and gone!

Hard to believe spring is almost gone and summer is just around the corner. Our little boy has been keeping us busy and is full of energy!

April passed, along with Josh's 28th birthday. Liam had fun helping me make Josh's birthday gift, although it took quite a while to find the perfect pics! Below are some examples of the different poses Liam showed me!

As you can see, it was a warm day in April so we went to the park by our house to take the pictures. Below, you will find the finished product that now hangs in our house.

May came and went and along with it my birthday and Mother's Day. Josh surprised me with an iPad that I am sure he regrets getting me. :) May also brought sunny days and time to play outside. Liam loves to swing more than ever before. He is becoming more daring and is leaning back while he swings, enjoying the breeze that blows through his blonde locks.

May also gave us time to finish re-doing the curb appeal in front of our house. We took out all of the rocks and the 80's style bushes and replaced them with bark and flower pots. It is amazing how the littlest things make such a BIG difference!

Liam has also grown to love hockey more and more as he sees Josh and I pack our gear and head to the rink. As the Stanley Cup Playoffs play on the background, he will point and say, "hockey" and "goalie." He also likes to carry around our hockey sticks, even though the one that is made for him works much better! Below are pictures of he and his daddy playing hockey in the front yard.

The month of June has been much cooler that normal and it has rained for most of it so far. This required me to find a windbreaker/rain coat for Liam and I happened to find a Columbia jacket that matched one Josh already had! Aren't they so cute?

Liam also continues to love his Uncle Coley. I am so glad that Liam has the opportunity to grow close with one of his uncles. Hopefully as time moves on, Liam will get to know his other two uncles just as well.

This picture is a bit blurry but Liam is giving his "say cheese" face! Too funny!

Liam loves to play outside every chance he gets. His vocabulary continues to develop and I am blown away by the amount of words he knows. Daily Josh and I look at each other and say, "did he just say ____?" It is pretty amazing! Liam is also singing, counting and saying his ABC's. His favorite songs to sing right now are "One, Two Buckle My Shoe" and "The Wheels on the Bus." He can count to 4 without help on a regular basis and up to 10 with minor guidance, and say the first four letters of the alphabet independently. His favorite foods right now are macaroni and cheese, trail mix made up of : gold fish, cheerios, raisins and dried cranberries, yogurt and ranch dressing. He takes after his mama with that last one! lol! His favorite books are "Oh, David," "Frosty the Snowman," "Biscuit," and "Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox." He can read most of these books, by memory of course but that's the first step of reading so I count it! We are blessed to have such an amazing, smart and loving little boy in our lives!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

First Easter Egg Hunt of the Year

Today we went to my friend Joy's house to search for eggs. Liam had a great time looking for eggs and "found" nine! This year there were cupcake-shaped "eggs" and they were his favorite! He also really enjoyed playing on Joy's swing-set. He went on the tire swing, climbed up the ladder and went down the slide, with minimal help from us.  Josh also got to join in the fun along with our neighbors, Ben and  Samuel.  We also met up with Meghan and her daughter Kendall, and Suzy with her daughters Kelsey and Rachel. Meghan, Suzy and I were pregnant at the same time while teaching at Brentwood so we really enjoy getting our babies together. This is the second year we all went to Joy's and we are hoping to continue this tradition as our children grow!
Liam sharing with Samuel.

Sam and Liam

Hunting for eggs.

Two cute bunnies.

Last year at the hunt: Liam, Rachel, Kendall.

This year: Kendall, Rachel, Liam.
Last year, Rachel also cried while we were trying to get the three of them in a picture together.

My sweet hippity-hop, as he likes to call bunnies. 

"Hi friend."

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Liam with the ladies!

My bff Kelly brought her 5 month old twins, Maya and Iris, to Spokane for a visit. We went up and saw our bff Beth and her new baby, Reese. Liam really seemed interested in the babies and even tried to rock them, hold them, read to them and give them loves! So sweet!

Reese is two weeks old today!

Beth and Maya.
Maya's look cracks me up!!
Oh, to only know that they are thinking!

Maya, Liam, Iris

So happy!

Liam loves Reese so much!!

Iris holding Reese. What a big girl!

Painting Fun

I am always looking for projects that Liam and I can do together that are educational, fun and quick to create. I came across this recipe for finger paint last August and I am just now getting the chance to make it. We had so much fun mixing the ingredients together and then watching it turn from a liquid into a squishy-type solid. Liam loved the consistency of the paint and this is a project we will do again together!
I used baby food jars that I had saved, but I am sure any container with a lid would work nicely. I also found that when I added the food coloring in while the paste was still warm, the color was more vibrant. (purple, yellow, orange)

Not sure what to think...

This stuff is pretty cool!

Silly face!

Look mom! My hand is purple!
(It also stayed purple for about an hour!)

Trying out different colors!