Saturday, July 6, 2013

April and May

April and May have come and gone and Liam continues to learn, love and play. His new favorite playtime activities are riding his bike (in which he likes to drag his feet and ruin his shoes), play hide-n-seek with Molly and Luna, and anything having to do with water. Liam is also counting up to four on a regular basis without any help. He loves to count the steps he takes or the stairs he climbs. He even counts his toys! He is also saying part do his alphabet in order..a,b,c,d and sometimes he gets e in there! Liam has also begun to sing his night-time songs to us and his stuffed animals. His favorite is " Twinkle Twinkle." Liam has also gotten really good at saying his prayers and daily prays for his family members. It is pretty darn adorable! And who doesn't feel better after being blessed by a baby?

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